I Rise I Rise

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One of my favourite paintings from the series, this work gives me a feeling of uplifting strength. The curved panels are beautifully balanced upon one another and intertwine as they rise through the painting. The shapes hold an elegant feminine energy, strong and curvaceous in their form - a sisterhood leaning on and reliant on one another. Composed in the lovely Series One colour palette, with gently textured, fluid brush strokes seen throughout.

The prints are produced on a beautiful, lightly textured photographic canson-rag paper surrounded by a white border. Each print is embossed with Lucy’s signature and is numbered. Prints are made to order and take approximately two - four working days to print. Once printed tracked shipping will be arranged promptly and your print will be on its way.

The prints are available in A3, A2, and A1 sizing, alternatively we can work with you on selecting a custom size. The A sized prints allow you to source readily available frames. 

This original painting has now sold